Is there trouble between Peter and Paul Okoye again ?

September 19 ,2017

Is there trouble between Peter and Paul Okoye again ?


It seems Paul and Peter Okoye are back at it.

And when we mean it, we are not talking about a hit single. On September 14, 2017, Peter Okoye took to his Instagram page, where he wrote;

"If it makes you Happy, no one else's opinion should Matter. #LiveLifeHappy #WordsOfHappiness #KoolestDude   #MrP."

However, he sure didn't know he was opening a can of worms as his followers wanted to dig further. They questioned his use of his name "Mr. P" as his fans presumed he only uses that name when there is a feud going on with his twin brother, Peter.

Peter, went on the defensive by replying the follower that he has been called "Mr. P" over the years, adding that it is the name people call him as an individual.

While Peter was trying to downplay that there was a rift, his twin brother, Paul who just recently welcomed the birth of his twins with wife, Anita, took to his Instagram page on September 17, 2017, to issue a subliminal warning.

He wrote, "Back to naija    don't take my silence for granted.... only a woman can come where brothers are working in peace and destroy it      #youknowyourself .... try me this time .... I swear Nyash go open   you will know that blood is thicker and stronger than juju..."


This might have a lot to do with the birth of Paul's twins, as he also made reference to them in his message on Instagram

" Since the announcement of the arrival of these two....i swear some people have been restless, they cant even sleep, they are not at peace #jelousy #envy....i swear if na plot of land some pple go don buy 10 plots lol.... all these distractions cant stop God's blessings.... #doubledouble #somethingisfishing"

This won't be the first time that the Okoye brothers will be involved in a rift among themselves as it was first reported in 2014 of their rumoured split.

In 2016 it took a very different turn when the brothers engaged in a public row over the restructuring of the business, with Peter Okoye leading the charge for change. Jude Okoye was fired in between, and Paul Okoye has shown his loyalty, even to a fault by sticking with Jude.

That rift came to an end as the brothers were later in 2016, seen performing together in Holland.

Are we to see the Okoye brothers beefing once again in 2017? Pulse will keep you updated.

By: belladella
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