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The "Asa Vs Question Mark" Saga has once again heated up as the Nigerian Afro-Soul Sensation has laid fresh allegations of death threats against her former label on twitter.
Asa recently posted the following string of tweets, castigating the Music label/Entertainment outfit of trying to cheat people through her purported NEW ALBUM titled "Down on Me" strongly warning her fans against purchasing such album.

@Asa_official: My name & Photo has been used on a dubious album released by criminals to dupe people, Pls be informed its not a new album! Pls RT thanks

@Asa_official: These Cds are selling in Nigeria! My team is working to stop this! We will inform you of any LEGAL releases when there is. Love

@Asa_official: No new songs on it, just old songs to cheat people. Please do not buy and inform your friends not to.Thanks for your Love & support!

@Asa_official: Hi guys, I do not have any NEW ALBUM selling in Nigeria called DOWN ON ME. Please do not purchase it! pls RT Thanks for your love & support

@Asa_official: Criminals are doing this to spoil my name and steal your money! We are working hard to stop this from permanently re-occuring.

@Asa_official: Unfortunately we blame it on the Alaba Market but it's not from them but from Question mark entertainment! pls pass on this message! Thanks!

@Asa_official: I am passionate about my music, I have received death threats from these people, I have kept my head up and focused on giving my best always

@Asa_official: Now they are focused cheating people! Please don't be deceived! don't buy

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