Tiwa Savage’s offers romantic diabetes on “Sugarcane” EP

October 05 ,2017

Tiwa Savage’s offers romantic diabetes on “Sugarcane” EP

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EP -Sugarcane
Artist - Tiwa Savage
Record Label - Mavin Records (2017)
Duration - 20 minutes

Run through Tiwa Savage’s music, and you would discover that she creates content to document her growth and life experiences through her art. Everything falls into place. She dances when she wants, thanks God with a dash of faith-based music, and documents love in the most flowery way.

Female artists in particular are expected to expose themselves emotionally and physically for public consumption. That’s the reality of a celebrity culture that exists as just another industry for profit. Tiwa Savage subscribes to that, but she does that with such blatant genuineness that it resonates deep within her fans, and convinces as the real deal.

“Sugarcane” EP is less a collection of songs and more a documentation of feelings, a flavoursome but deeply moving EP debut that sees the 37-year-old singer putting her heart on display and subconsciously calling for you to do the same.

“I actually never planned to release anything before my official album drops next year so this is a surprise for my fans," Tiwa told The FADER over email. "I have been in such a great space in the studio and I've been creating so much music so it felt right to put out this project. The title is Sugar cane because the music sounded different and sweet to me. With Afrobeat music, I can't explain it in words you just have to listen and experience the magic.”


6 songs, with a running time that just pushes just into the 20-minute mark, Tiwa packs this EP with expressions of love. It reads out like a local love letter shared between a hopelessly romantic Juliet to her Romeo. “Na because of you wey I get goosebumps…This one na Julie Julie and Romeo, Original ogbongolo bo bo oh (bo bo bo bo bo bo),” She explains on ‘All over’, a record which has become popular, powered by its passionate theme.

A kind of urban pop-iness runs deep through the EP, and the ‘Pon Pon’ softness of ‘Ma lo’ even features superstar Wizkid. The mid-tempo vibe is cut through by unmitigated title banger ‘Sugarcane,’ but this EP is definitely the project for the mushy times. Get ready to embrace love.

Rating: 3.5/5


3-Worth Checking Out
4-Smoking Hot

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