• Enny Adondua

    Enny Adondua

    Enny is a gospel singer and song writer who is taking the gospel music industry by storm. Born Enekole Ada Adondua on July 3rd, the first in the family of four and raised in the northern part of Nigeria. She grew up in a Christian home imitating...
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    I av no voice 4 singn, I cannot make a speechI av no gift 4 music, I knw I cant teachI'm no good at leadn, I cant organizeAnd anytin I would write may not win a prizeIt seems my only talent is neither big nor rare â Jst to listen & encourage..


    i have got good personalfication and always renew my swagg whenever is runs down mr.fantastic am called call me whatever yo feel like but be careful not to get on my nerves


    this three fellas out of Auchi poly has a cuting edge tallent.......potent first bio later lets go......Ryhm-Z, Layer-Z, and AZ


    Dacube is rapper born in the city of ibadan, dacube as a unique style of rap with african torch of flow.a song writer and a beat maker.


    All Creation waithet in ernest expectation for the manifestation of the Sons of God. They waitin for me...
    Asa [Asha]

    Asa [Asha]

    Asa grew up in Lagos, a city teeming with people and buzzing with energy but also home to a deep-rooted spirituality. Islam thrives shoulder to shoulder with Christianity in an atmosphere of tolerance, the young imitate America, and the turbulent...


    i am kells B aka KDB,Iyzykells b,i started singing and rapping at the age of five,i have great passion for music,i talk music,i eat music,i breathe music.........i do not really see anything else that is worth doing apart from this proffession


    life is a drama


    ATN - Any Times News - Asia Times News - www.anytimesnews.com


    chinchilla is a talented songwriter, singer and entertainer from delta state Nigeria. A former member of the group JT`Boys. He co wrote the hit song IVA by nigeria artiste j martins, the hit single ogwuazu by his former band JT'boys and other...
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