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Below Are two stories from the parties involved on the copyright saga which has lead to Kelly requesting a widrawal of the song i'm Feeling good remix which is an original song of Mo'Hits D'banj featuring 2Face Idibia. this is his tweet Kelly tweeted this an hour ago: “I do hereby order all online media outlets to desist 4rm further use of the song(feeling good by Tuface&Dbanj- Kelly Hansome remix) @kellyhansome he also tweeted I was never arrested so any media outlet that has published that better have a copy of the warrant posted alongside. God bless the media. at about

below where messages or rather responses that flew arround regarding Kelly Hansome's arrest

Mo'Hits Story

[color=orange]“Yesterday Monday 24th October 2011, at the Garki Police Command Headquarters of the Nigeria Police Force, one Kelechi Obinna Orji, also known as “kelly hansome” was brought in to the said Station and taken into custody and remanded on bail in the sum of eight hundred thousand Naira (N800,000.00) concerning, among other things, his admitted willful infringement of the intellectual property rights (copyright) of Mo’Hits Records Limited.[/color]

He signed an Undertaking and Apology in favour of the said Mo’Hits Records at about 4p.m., witnessed by several police officers (including Chief Superintendent Victor Erivwode, the Divisional Police Officer). A scan of the said Undertaking is attached to this email. He undertook to refrain from further use of Mo’Hits Recprds Limited’s material, released or unreleased, and offered profuse apologies to Mo’Hits Records Limited. He also appeared to be convincingly remorseful to everyone at the Station, including the extremely distraught father of his equally embarrassed friend mr Rex in Abuja.

The Police Station was attended by the said kelly hansome and his advisers and counsel for his part, and by representatives and counsel for Mo’Hits Records Limited.”

While Kelly does not deny the fact that he used a “copyrighted” material without permission, he however claims that the said arrest is not true.

Kelly Hansome’s Story

[color=orange]“Rumor has it that Yesterday October 24 2011, Kelechi Orji aka Kelly Hansome was arrested concerning the copyright of Tuface featuring D’banj “FEELIN GOOD” Freestyle Remix. Sources confirm that was not true, Kelly Hansome was not arrested but only simply asked to appear at the local police station. Kelly Hansome’s lawyer was supposed to meet up with a member of Mo-Hits Records to resolve the Copyright issue, but instead the issue ended up at the Police Station. The Lawyer was asked to request the presence of Kelly, which he immediately did, and Kelly obliged, coming down to the station with another lawyer who was sent by KEYOEMO (EFCC Official Lawyer).

Kelly was asked to sign documents stating he will take down the song from the internet and elsewhere; this was after it was proven that Mo-Hits had the legal rights to the said song. The issue is now resolved. A Kelly Hansome Representative will be dropping a video in a few hours in regards to this matter. KELLY HANSOME WAS NEVER ARRESTED!!”[/color]

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